What is Hydro Seeding

Hydro seeding which is also known as hydraulic mulch seeding is actually a planting and germination process which uses slurry of seeds and mulch. It is sometimes used for the erosion control at construction sites. It is used as an alternative to sowing dry seeds. Slurry is a thick fluid mixture of mud and water.

The hydro seeding slurry is then sprayed on the ground by the help of tractors or tanks. On larger area, Helicopter can also be used to shower the hydro carbon seeding slurry on the ground. Aircrafts are also used for the areas where other vehicles cannot reach. For example, if forest is caught on fire then only aircrafts application can be used for hydrocarbon slurry spraying.

Hydro seeding slurry often includes other ingredients such as fertilizers, tackifying agents etc.

If planting of plants is at very large area, Hydraulic mulch seeding can be used for the process, which can save a lot of time. Hydro seeding is also very much applicable in hilly areas and sloppy grounds where decompaction is common. Hydro cost is also cheaper then Sod seeds. Hydro seeding germination results are quite higher than the other planting techniques and also the germination process is quite satisfactory.

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